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Super Tux 2 Ubuntu Game Review

So hey it's a bootleg Super Mario Bros. but you don't see me complaining because this game rocks, it's free, and it's available in the software center!!! It supports ...

Supertux 2 on Android v0.5

Another demo of supertux2 in an htc magic, this time, with a very much smoother performance.

SuperTux 2 - Linux Game for Kids

Heres a game for young Children - SuperTux 2 a sidescrolling platform game similar to the original Super Mario World. Its Free Open Source, and is available for ...

SuperTux para Android

En este vídeo os enseñaremos el espectacular juego de plataformas SuperTux. Aquí os dejamos el enlace: ¡ No olvidéis suscribiros a ...

Playin' For Cheap: Super Tux Kart Review

Chris from takes a gander at one of the more unseemly aspects of Open Source in the use of clones and copies of popular games with ...

SuperTux (0.3.4git) on Linux [Native] (AMD Radeon Catalyst fglrx) open source free Mario

Today I'll show you how works and looks free and open source game SuperTux on Linux. This is another game which hit the native version for Linux. SumerTux ...

Lv:1 Review: Super MAX (Mario copycat) game app android smartphone and tablet

Super Max, like super Mario, except no meatballs, it's baseball's. And a few minor tweaks. Very interesting game and no bugs. Lots of levels.

super tux 2 - A gameplay video


Retro gaming on Raspberry Pi - iNimbleSloth plays SuperTux

See Retropie running on a Raspberry Pi. This app lets you emulate all of your favorite retro games consoles on a Raspberry Pi. In this video BabySloth and I ...

Bug Supertux PSP

Bug Supertux PSP.

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